Dog Wash Services in Perth

Regular dog washing and grooming is a very healthy, hygienic way of ensuring that your dog is clean, happy and healthy. Washing your dog is the easy way to manage dog hygiene, and avoid the risk of irritants caused by materials getting lodged in their fur or skin. We offer a range of gentle, friendly, stress-free dog wash services to keep them looking and feeling their best.

prewash brush

Pre Wash Brush

Each dogs coat is different. Best practice dog wash and grooming starts with thorough brushing to eliminate knots. This is essential to make that washing is effective and that your dog is free from tangles, which may contain unsafe, unhygienic materials in the fur. The brushing process is also a good, relaxing experience which dogs love.

The Pre-Wash Brush includes:

  • Gentle soft brush to untangle knots
  • Removal of  loose fur
  • Dual coat brushing

Lukewarm Bath

The lukewarm bath is the main dog washing process. This includes a warm, freshwater shampoo bath and rinse, followed by blow drying and brushing. Bathing includes gentle water-based massage, which is a pleasant, stress-free and very efficient method of ensuring thorough, gentle cleaning. This process ensures the removal of possible skin irritants like dirt and grime, which sometimes become trapped in fur and need to be dissolved in water.

This service includes:

  • Massaging Lukewarm Bath
  • Hypo Allergenic oatmeal base that preserves natural oils
  • Aromatherapy Shampoos
  • Chemical Free cleaning for your friend
lukewarm bath

Puppy Wash

Getting your puppy used to being washed during the early vaccination stage is strongly recommended for dog owners. This early introduction to washing is a good way to familiarize puppies with regular dog wash and grooming as a routine part of their lives. We slowly introduce your puppy to grooming through a series of treats and rewards. We provide a friendly, gentle wash with lots of fun for your puppy and ensure that the dog is not stressed by this experience.

Our puppy wash includes:

  • Hypo Allergenic oatmeal base to preserve natural oils
  • Introduce your Puppy to water
  • Fun and playful atmosphere

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