Pet Grooming Services in Perth

Pet grooming is one of the best ways to take care of your dog’s health. In addition to maintaining their appearance and regular haircuts, grooming ensures that your dog’s fur and skin are clean and free of possible infections and health risks. With a range of different options and techniques for nail clipping, we cater for a wide range of pet grooming services, ensuring that even the most anxious pup or dog is taken care of.

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Maintenance Clip

A maintenance clip should be completed regularly for your dog’s overall health. Our Maintenance Clip helps with fur health and managing long nails which, if untreated, can become a health issue for your dog. This type of grooming also helps to keep your dog comfortable and minimise the risk of possible issues with skin and foot health.

The Maintenance Clip includes:

  • Trimming of Body fur coat
  • Ear Fur Trimming
  • Nail Clipping
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Full body clip

Full body clips are used to maintain even hair growth, eliminate thick, tangled fur and improve skin health. Many breeds of dog suffer severely from heat stress and discomfort in hot Australian summers. It is strongly recommended that long hair and cold-climate breeds, in particular, receive a regular full body clip seasonally, and before summer.

Your Full Body Clip will provide:

  • Breed specific techniques
  • Complete shaving and clipping
  • Nail Clipping
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De-shed & Groom Out

For dual coat and large breads, shedding season can be very stressful. Shedding may cause irritants, and cause the dog to scratch, exposing and sometimes damaging skin, causing infections and additional skin irritants. Proper professional dog grooming is the best way to manage these problems. Our De-Shed and Groom Our service helps to eliminate discomfort, removes fur, and improves overall fur and skin health.

We will:

  • Groom out the undercoat
  • Trim and thin the outer coat
  • provide nail clipping

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