Posh Pooch – Why Dog Grooming is Important?

Why Dog Grooming is Important

While it may seem straightforward, many dog owners don’t really know what dog grooming is. Put simply, dog grooming involves all aspects of washing and caring for your dog’s hair and hygiene. Professional dog groomers are trained to wash, cut, dry and style your dog’s coat, as well as keeping them under control if they are afraid.


Why is Grooming So Important?

There are many benefits to regular grooming. As well as aerating the coat and promoting healthy growth, grooming encourages good blood circulation, minimises grease levels in the coat and prevents matted hair, which reduces soreness and skin complaints.

Above all, grooming is the perfect opportunity to check your dog over to ensure they’re healthy and happy. Taking your dog to a professional dog groomer on a regular basis ensures that they’re not silently suffering from conditions such as sebaceous cysts or matted fur between paw pads.


Health Benefits of Dog Grooming

  • • Freedom from discomfort
  • • Reduced risk of eye, ear, skin, teeth and nail infections
  • • Easier vet checks, as your dog, will be accustomed to being handled
  • • Increased sociability, as grooming becomes a positive, easy experience for your pet and his groomer
  • • Reduced medical bills, as regular grooming, prevents disease and identifies many health issues before they become an emergency


Why Choose a Professional Dog Groomer?

Even if you have spent hours on Google researching dog grooming tips, DIY grooming will never be as good as the real thing. Professional groomers have the skills and experience to ensure your dog is well looked after and the experience is as enjoyable as possible.

A dog groomer will:

  • • Clean up all the mess after a wash, clip or hydrobath
  • • Calm your wiggling, protesting dog during a grooming session
  • • Trim sensitive areas such as nails in just the right place, to avoid painful accidents
  • • Groom breeds with hard to maintain coats (i.e. Poodles, Afghan Hounds or Pekingese) with ease

If your best friend is due for a cut, wash or hydrobath, contact the experienced team at Posh Pooch today.

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