The Cutest Dog Hairstyles


Taking care of your dog’s hair is just as important as taking care of your own. Just like with your own hair, taking the time to groom it properly will keep it shiny and healthy, as well as expose any problems below the surface (i.e. Skin conditions or hormone imbalances). By making hair brushing into a fun game, you’ll build a strong bond of trust between yourself and your pet.

Importance of Healthy Hair

Maintaining healthy hair is just as important for dogs as it is for humans. Regularly brushing your dog’s hair maintains a healthy, shiny coat, as well as creating a wonderful bonding experience between pet and owner. Some dog owners, however, prefer to leave doggy hair care to professional dog groomers.

At Posh Pooch dog grooming salon, our skilled stylists will give your best friend a fashionable new look. Before your next visit to Perth’s premier dog grooming salon, here’s a little inspiration.


Fashionable Doggy Hairstyles (Dreadlocks)

Free the hipster inside your pooch with stylish dreadlocks. With perfectly maintained and expertly layered dreads, any dog will become a chick-magnet.


French Braid

Highlight your Terrier’s natural beauty with a stylish French braid. This sophisticated do is sure to turn heads at the dog park.



Elevate your best friend’s cuteness level a thousand-fold by plaiting her hair. Ideal for breeds like the Poodle or Maltese, sensible plaits will never go out of style.



There is no better hair style for long-haired dogs than a beautiful straight look. Show off your dog’s hair’s natural length, volume and lustre with a stylish centre part.


Retro Dye

Next time you visit the dog groomer, dare to be different and give your dog a radical dye job. With colours ranging from purple, pink and bright green, retro is back!


Curly Locks

The only way to make your long-haired best friend even cuter is to curl is lustrous locks.

Whether your best friend wants a bouffant or a nice French braid, contact the team at Posh Pooch today. Our skilled stylists will offer hair styling and grooming tips in a professional salon setting.

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